Terms of Use

Domain Name Purchase

By accessing or using this website you agree to be bound by these terms of use / terms of service. Please be sure to read and understand the information provided on this website and each domain name's sales page. There may be differences for each domain in its registrar location and payment options. Unless otherwise noted, a purchase includes only the domain name. By default, other services or products are not included unless explicitly stated on the domain's sales page.

Sales are final only when payment is secured/sent by the buyer. Verbal or written negotiation is not final and if buyer does not make a timely payment the domain name can be sold to another party because the domains listed on accuname are also listed on other sales platforms. The domain name legally belongs to the buyer only after payment is made and as long as payment is not reversed. For purchases on paypal - if payment is reversed - buyer agrees that the domain name shall automatically become the legal property of accuname and will have to be returned.

Ownership Change

Buyer agrees to provide the necessary registrar account information so as to take possession of the domain name in a timely manner. Incomplete or incorrect registrar account information will result in delays. The domain name will remain the property of the buyer but if buyer does not take possession of the domain name by the domain name's expiration date, there may be a loss of the domain name, purchase price, or there will be additional costs involved in taking possession. For example, the buyer agrees to cover the renewal fee should seller have to renew the domain name because buyer did not take possession in a timely manner (within 21 days). Buyer agrees to keep accuname up to date on any issues or problems preventing buyer from taking possession of purchase.

Availability of Domain Names

Domains listed on accuname are also listed on other sales platforms. Negotiations/offers/inquiries do not ensure ownership. Unless payment has been made by buyer, accuname reserves the right to sell the domain name to another party.


For payments up to $750 buyer may use Paypal but accuname reserves the right to require escrow or another service, especially for overseas sales. Accuname offers many other payment options so please visit our FAQ page for details. All payments are to be made in USD. Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies not accepted. Terms of use of payment processors apply.

No Refunds

Once a domain name has been paid for (payment sent by buyer) refunds are not offered.

Limited Liability

Buyer agrees that accuname shall not be liable for any expenses that are not explicitly outlined in this terms of use. Buyer agrees that once a domain name has been pushed or transferred into buyer's registrar account accuname shall not be liable for costs associated with ownership of the domain name. Buyer agrees not to hold accuname (seller) accountable for problems arising due to incorrect registrar account information being provided by the buyer. For example, if buyer provides the incorrect account information and the purchased domain name gets pushed/transferred into a strangers account. Fortunately, this mistake is very rare but the liability is here to also emphasize the absolute importance of correct account information because to undo such a mistake can be costly, time consuming, and sometimes not possible.

Associated Terms of Use

When the transaction is processed through platforms listed in our FAQs, such as Escrow.com or Namesilo.com, the terms of use of that platform/business will apply. For sales on the eBay website, eBay terms of use apply.


The accuname business name and logo and any original content on this website are owned by accuname and are protected by international copyright, trademark and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.

These terms of use are governed by the laws of the United States of America and the laws of the State of  Florida.