Process and Payment

How do I submit an offer on a domain name listed on accuname?

Just click on a domain name you are interested in and it will take you to the offer / purchase page. Each page describes the options for securing ownership of the domain you are interested in.  Some domains may require an offer, others will have "Buy Now" pricing.  A few of our domains may be available for sale through our ebay store. Once you have decided which method is right for you, simply follow the instructions and you will be on your way to purchasing a great domain name!

I sent an offer on a domain name, how long will it take to receive a response?

Usually within 24Hrs including weekends and holidays but this can be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.

What happens after I submit an offer on a domain name?

Your offer may be accepted, countered or declined within 24 hours. Negotiations can take as little as one day or up to a few weeks.

What are my payment options? Are there any additional fees?

We offer many options for completing transactions safety and securely:

  • PayPal up to USD $750
    • Fees covered by accuname
  • Escrow.com
    • accuname agrees to split escrow fees with you regardless of which payment option you choose
    • Calculate escrow fees by going to escrow.com
  • Namesilo.com registrar
    • Payment options include Credit/debit card, PayPal, AliPay, Skrill, Dwolla, Wire
    • Fees are covered by accuname
  • Sedo.com transfer service
  • Overall, there are many options available for your convenience and security. If you have any questions regarding payments and transfers not answered on this page, please visit our contact page and send us a message.

What email address should the use for Escrow.com?

Ideally, we shall use the email address you used to send offer on the domain name. If you want to use another email address, please mention it in the offer description.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

Yes, payment options are available for limited domains held at Namesilo.com registrar. If this option is available it will be shown in the payment options for that particular domain name. Installments can range from 3 to 12 months.

Ownership Change

How does legal ownership of a domain change from seller to buyer?

After payment processing, ownership changes by one of either two processes: a "push" or a "transfer". Both result in buyer taking possession of the domain name in their registrar account.

What is a "registrar"?
A registrar is a business that allows the public to officially purchase and register a domain name. Most are accredited by ICANN (a private non-profit corporation that is responsible for managing the IP addreses associated with domain names). Examples of registrars include Name.com, Godaddy, Dynadot.  The registrar and expiration date for each domain name we sell is specified on its sales page. Registrars allow the public to create accounts without any initial purchase. Therefore, a registrar account is free to open and the domain name you purchased from accuname is then moved from our account to yours. Once in your account, it is legally yours as long as payment for the purchase is not reversed.

What is a domain name "push"?

A change of ownership by "pushing" the domain name to another account within a registrar. The domain name remains at the same registrar, but it does change accounts from seller to buyer. The fastest method.

What is a domain name "transfer"?
A change of ownership by moving (transferring) the domain name from one registrar to another registrar (such as from Godaddy to Dynadot).  A more complex procedure that can take longer than a push. We can assist you with this if necessary.

How much time does it takes to complete the change of ownership?

After payment processing we expedite the change of ownership doing our best to minimize delays. Under normal circumstances, a "transfer" completes within 7 business days while a domain name "push" can occur within 24 hours of receipt of buyer registrar account info. Before a domain name is officially in your possession a few things have to be taken into consideration:

  • The platform chosen for payment processing
  • The payment method chosen
  • The day of the week the transaction was initiated and when the payment completed

General Questions

What are the ongoing costs associated with owning a domain name?

As the owner, you are responsible for paying annual renewal fees charged by your registrar. The yearly expiration date for the domain name is shown in our listings. For the most common extensions (.com/.net/.org) renewal fees should not be above $15usd per year. Failure to pay annual fees on time will result in the loss of your domain name. Don't worry, if your email is functioning properly the registrar will send you renewal warnings. Please note that accuname is not responsible for any kind of loss after the domain name officially changes ownership.